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Second Boerne Art Waddle Is This Saturday

The idea isn’t a completely original one, but as is often the case, Boerne puts its own spin on it.  It's called the "Art Waddle" and Boerne’s Mary Morton came up with it.

“My husband and I have gone on outings to other art walks throughout San Antonio and we’ve just enjoyed it tremendously and had gotten to know a neighborhood that we had never been to before. So that’s what we decided to do, and last year was our first year," Morton said.

“Now, you didn’t call it an 'art walk,' you called it an 'art waddle.' What’s the deal with that?" I asked.

“We have lots of ducks and geese in Boerne," she said, laughing, "and we have the Cibolo Creek and these ducks and geese are just walking everywhere. So we thought waddle was kind of fun."

As to the details of the "Art Waddle," it all happens in the neighborhood just across the bridge from the town square called The Flats.

"The artists are local; from Boerne to San Antonio," Morton said. "We have 35 this year, from potters to glass, to oil to water color to charcoal."

You can walk the "Art Waddle" or you can bike it. Morton said it’s not a long slog.  

“Maybe a mile at the most," she said. 

They’ve created a handy map plotting the route from house-to-house, artist-to-artist.

"Sometimes some of the hosts will have some music, sometimes they’ll have hors d'oeuvres, it’s all up to the hosts themselves," Morton said.

Regarding age, said the artists run the gamut:

"Our youngest artist is 18, our oldest artist is, you know, the oldest we don’t need to talk about!" Morton said.

The Boerne "Art Waddle" is Saturday, May 17 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

"Bring your hats, and bring your walkin’ shoes. If you want to bring your bikes bring your bikes," Morton said.

Though the art is for sale, the waddle is free.