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Dancing Under The Moon At The Cibolo Nature Center In Boerne

It’s called Moondance, and as I found out, the title is exacting in its description. So what the heck is a Moondance?

"Oh gosh, it’s an excellent opportunity to get outside and kick up your heels and do some dancing underneath the moonlight," said Cibolo Nature Center Director of Operations Doris Perez. And that’s where the Moondance happens—at the Cibolo.

"We do it once a month and we’ve chosen a weekend each month that coordinates with the closest full moon. Sit out under the stars and listen to the music and hopefully the spirit will move you and you will head out onto the dance floor and do a little dancing, too,” Perez said.

I read the descriptions on their web site about the music the bands which perform for Moondance play -- "horn-driven, rock, rhythm and blues, country rock" -- and noted that that’s a huge range. Perez agreed emphatically.

"We have a wide variety of different music," she said, and then added this: "That’s the one thing that we require of the musicians in our bands that are playing is that they have to be able to play the Van Morrison 'Moondance' song."  

As to the Cibolo setting for where Moondance takes place, Doris describes it this way:

"We have an amazing heritage oak motte out here, with lights strung up in the trees and families from three to a 103, with your dog on a leash," she said. "Come on out with your chairs and your picnic -- although we will have food trucks this year so you don’t even have to pack your picnic this year. It’s just a unique and special evening outside."

"So at least once a month it is a fabulous night for a moondance?" I asked.

"It is!" Perez said.

The Moondance series begins May 10 and continues June 14, July 12, August 9 and September 13.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii