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Comedian Bill Maher Coming To Laurie Auditorium This Saturday

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Controversial comedian Bill Maher is performing Saturday, April 12, at the Laurie Auditorium. I caught up with Maher on Wednesday afternoon, and it was a surprising conversation.

"I could live in a place like San Antonio," Maher said.

I didn’t expect to hear that from Maher, a confirmed West-Coaster.

"Actually--going way back to my days as a touring stand-up comedian--I always would rather find myself in the South, or someplace like Texas rather than some place way up North or in flinty New England, because they’re just more fun," said Maher. "It’s still more fun to be in places where people are still more laid back."

He has a long history of performing in the Lone Star State, and of course, seeing it from many angles.

"It encompasses everything," Maher said. "That’s the thing about Texas. I’ve noticed when you’re flying over Texas, like when you’re coming from the East Coast, you’re like, ‘Wow, we’re still over Texas?' ”

Maher is well known for his atheism, having produced the documentary "Religulous."

"Rumor has it you’re not too big on religion," I said.

"Jack, I don’t know who you’re listening to, but yeah, they got that right," Maher said. "I’m not too big on religion but it’s been great to me. As far as comedy goes, it’s the barn that -- if you can’t hit that barn, you don’t belong in comedy."

Maher brings his brand of comedy to the Laurie Auditorium as a part of Arts San Antonio’s performance schedule on Saturday night.