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River Walk Christmas Lights Excite Visitors And Locals For The Holidays

San Antonio River Authority
Christmas lights along the Museum Reach.

It is said that New Yorkers don’t go see the Statue of Liberty -- they just take it for granted. With that as premise, I took you to the River Walk in a recent report so that others could remind you how wonderful the River Walk is. Those to whom I spoke expressed too much enthusiasm for only one report, so here's a follow up.

"I’m Catherine Perez, we just recently moved to the San Antonio area from Florida."

I asked Catherine what she thought of the River Walk in its holiday finery.

"I love it! It’s busy, it’s pretty," she said.

I asked if she'd been there before, and it turns out she had, "but never for the Christmastime," she said. "It’s really pretty. I would suggest everyone to come."

San Antonian Charles Fredrickson was doing what many of us do, showing the relatives what San Antonio has that their city doesn’t.

"We have family from Kansas and we’re showing them the River Walk," Fredrickson said.

I pointed out the obvious: "You’re not in Kansas anymore."

"No, we’re not!" he said. "But it’s about as cold as Kansas right now, it’s chilly. But the lights are beautiful and it’s really nice. It’s nice to see all the people here."

The biggest surprise, though, was a couple I met from Canada, Willy and Kim Mueller, who are from Niagara-On-the-Lake. They said they can see New York from their front door.

Thinking the sheer magnitude of Niagara Falls overwhelmed San Antonio's River Walk, I said, "Well, I don’t think this compares to Niagara Falls!" To which they disagreed, emphatically.

"Oh, yes it does!" they said. "It’s sensational! This is wonderful. We’ve only been here five minutes."

The holiday lights along the River Walk won't be up for long -- January 6 is your last opportunity to see them.