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Visitors Say River Walk Lives Up To Holiday Expectations

Jack Morgan
TPR Arts
Perez family, who are visiting from Dallas.

San Antonio’s largest single piece of art has many fans, both local, and international. It's the San Antonio River, downtown. A pan flute fills the air with South American magic at the River Center Mall lagoon, where the barges circle and head out on their circumnavigation of the river's big horseshoe bend. 

I went down the other night to see what people thought about how the city dresses up its River Walk for the Holiday Season.

"My name is Justin Self, and I’ve been having fun just walking around and seeing all the pretty lights."

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"I’m actually from Japan," Self said.

River barge Christmas carolers pass, filling the air with the sounds of the season.

I talked to Dallasite Fred Griffiths, who moved from Portland last year.

"Most of the cities in Texas haven’t lived up to the hype, but this city definitely has," he said. "The history behind it, just everything. I really like it. So first time to San Antonio, it’s a wonderful, wonderful city."

I then spoke to an enthusiastic Joanne Ruedy.

"Does it live up to the hype? It does! I’m thrilled," she said.

Ruedy and her husband have come quite a ways.

"Lakeville, Minnesota. I’m anxious to go on one of those little boat rides tomorrow," Ruedy said.

Sometimes it takes someone from elsewhere to make you realize what we here take for granted. Rolf Vieten is definitely from elsewhere.

"I am from Germany," he said. "Oh it’s beautiful, the River Walk and all the Christmas lights."

I thanked him for his thoughts, then he bid me a "Merry Christmas!"

Another barge full of carolers passed, and noticing my microphone, echoed Rolf's sentiments.

A word to those wanting to see the River Walk in its Christmas finery, it's quite crowded. If crowds bother you, you might want to wait until the last couple of days of the year.