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Christmas Carolers Bring Holiday Cheer To The River Walk

Chris Eudaily
TPR News
Holiday lights on the River Walk.

You’re down on the River Walk, the barges floating by, when all of a sudden you see a barge floating by full of Christmas carolers.

“It is one of the most fun things that we do all year long," said Nancy Hunt, executive director of the Paseo Del Rio Association.

“We provide barges that people can rent. You can bring a church caroling group or a boy scout troop or a girl scout troop. And you board the barge and you sing carols along the River Walk," Hunt said.

Wow! Talk about a San Antonio holiday.

“The driver, as he can, will pull over and you can sing to the people on the patios and they’ll start to sing with you," Hunt said. "And the lights are all twinkling in the trees. It’s just a magical kind of thing; it puts everybody in the holiday spirit."

Depending on when you read this, it may be too late this year to rent a barge and do this -- the program ends on Sunday -- but it’s something you can get on your calendar for next year. Or you can just go down and watch and listen to groups who are doing it this year. According to Ms. Hunt, here’s when the Paseo Del Rio offers this program.

"Starting the Thursday after Thanksgiving until the Sunday before Christmas," she said. "You’ve got the carolers and you’ve got the luminarias and you’ve got the lights in the trees, it’s just a very, very special place."