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Urban-15 Gives The Holidays A Laser Light Treatment

San Antonio's performing arts group Urban-15 is known for its driving drumbeats and wildly creative costuming. Their longevity and unique calling has made them one of the city’s iconic puro San Antonio aspects. But every December they put away the drums and costumes, put on holiday music, and turn on the lasers.

"The holiday laser show is multiple lasers that are choreographed to some of the holiday favorites," said Urban-15 Music and Media Director George Cisneros.

"Everything is very accurately choreographed with emphasis, and splashes and accents," he said. "There’s a lot of animation that depicts the narratives of Christmas songs."

Cisneros explained how next week’s a busy one for Urban 15's Holiday Laser Show.

"We have 12 concerts we’re doing during the week, three concerts a day, for four days," Cisneros said.

The 12 events are all for San Antonio school children, but there is a pair of shows for the general public.

"Those are on Thursday and Friday night December 12 and 13," Cisneros said.

Cisneros said the program is designed for everyone, regardless of their religious views.

"This is so ecumenical and universal -- the star in the sky, and the guiding light -- there’s just so many analogies in our narratives and our poetry and in our music, where light penetrates the ignorance," he said. "And you never go to a depressing light show."