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Get An Up Close Look At Samurai, At SAMA's "Lethal Beauty"

The San Antonio Museum of Art opens a window to Japan that few in South Texas have looked through.
The exhibition is called "Lethal Beauty," and as curator Andreas Marks notes, the pieces within are both.

"'Lethal Beauty' is showcasing the danger behind samurai weapons and armor, but at the same time the beauty that is also inherent in these objects,” he says.

It's all exhibited at SAMA’s Cowden Gallery, which is filled with arms and armor.

“The exhibits have five suits of armor, as well as different types of swords and daggers," Marks says. "It has face masks, it has two pairs of folding screens. They were painted in 16th century with an enormous amount of detail. One painted with battles of the 12th century and the other one painted with banners, insignia and coats of arms of warlords. And I can only encourage visitors to take their time and explore them."

The detail of each piece is clearly displayed, and in the case of the swords, visitors get a three hundred and sixty degree view.

“We have two very special swords in the exhibition, one from the 13th and one from the 14th century.”

"Lethal Beauty" opens to the public on Saturday and runs through January 5.

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