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TPR Programming Changes in November, 2022

Jenn White, host of 1A
Stephen Voss
Jenn White, host of 1A

This month, Texas Public Radio brings new additions to its weekend program lineup, and the weekday lineup is changing to provide a broader, more diverse listening experience throughout the day. Program changes go into effect the week of November 21.

New additions to the schedule include:

The New Yorker Radio Hour - A program you’ll look forward to curling up with every weekend, host David Remnick is joined by the magazine’s award-winning writers in a weekly hour of radio featuring a mix of profiles, storytelling, and insightful conversations about the issues that matter ― plus an occasional blast of comic genius from the magazine’s legendary Shouts and Murmurs page. This show will air on Saturdays at 1pm, repeated on Sunday mornings at 5am.

Freakonomics Radio – A show that ferrets out connections between seemingly unrelated things. The program explores the riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles of human nature—from cheating and crime to parenting and sports—using the tools of economics to explore real-world behavior. Hosted by Stephen J. Dubner. This show will air on Saturdays at 2pm, repeated on Sunday mornings at 6am.

1A – Returning to the airwaves weekdays on TPR, 1A guides you beyond the headlines -- explaining complicated issues and cutting through the noise -- while bringing together thoughtful guests and listeners from around the country. Fridays are home to 1A’s news roundups, where your questions about the biggest stories of the week are answered. Celebrate your freedom to listen by getting to the heart of the story, together. PLUS: The conversation isn't just on air. 1A invites you to join in, as the show regularly posts questions and requests for feedback on this page: http://the1a.org/ask-1a. Listeners can also engage on Twitter, Facebook, or by texting 1A to 63735.

New midday schedule on KSTX in San Antonio:

  • 9am: 1A
  • 10am: Texas Standard
  • 11am: Fresh Air [new timeslot]
  • 12pm: The Source
  • 1pm: Think
  • 2pm: BBC Newshour [new timeslot]

New midday schedule on TPR stations outside San Antonio:

  • 9am: BBC Newshour
  • 10am: Texas Standard
  • 11am: 1A
  • 1pm: Think
  • 2pm: Fresh Air

Programs leaving the TPR lineup include Here and Now, Reveal, and Planet Money/How I Built This.

We hope you enjoy the new additions to your Texas Public Radio stations this month! As always, if you have questions or comments, email letters@tpr.org. Thank you for your continued support.

David Remnick, host of The New Yorker Radio Hour.
Brigitte Lacombe
David Remnick, host of The New Yorker Radio Hour.