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Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Michael Taylor

The first time Texas Public Radio recorded my voice was my personal story on the theme of “Booms and Busts” for Worth Repeating, TPR's live storytelling event series.

I related the highest and lowest points of my professional career, including the shame and physical nausea I felt losing my business after the 2008/2009 financial crisis.

Now I’m working on the other side of the microphone, recording interviews with businesspeople about their own booms and busts, their own highs and lows, for the podcast No Hill For a Climber.

What inspired them to start their business? What inspires them to continue on their professional journey? What does success look like? What do they still not know?

I love that TPR supports my little podcast about Texas businesspeople. I love that the podcast format allows the show to be heard anywhere in the world. I hope it inspires people everywhere to take that risk, even when success is uncertain, to push themselves up that hill.

I hope you’re inspired by these conversations to support TPR’s mission, which is to engage, inspire and inform, to empower our community to make life better.

If so, please consider donating today.

Michael Taylor
Host of No Hill For A Climber