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Lisa Mosconi: How Does Menopause Affect The Brain?

Part 4 of theTED Radio HourepisodeLife Stages Of The Brain

We associate menopause with the ovaries, but its symptoms start in the brain. Neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi explains how brain health during menopause affects the rest of the body.

About Lisa Mosconi

Lisa Mosconi is a neuroscientist whose research focuses on women's brain health. She is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, where she also serves as the Director of the Women's Brain Initiative and Associate Director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic.

Mosconi is also the author of The XX Brain, a New York Times bestseller that shares insights on how women can protect and sustain their brains.

She received a five-year university degree in Experimental Psychology and Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Nuclear Medicine from the University of Florence, in collaboration with New York University School of Medicine.

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