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Raging Flood Waters Do A Number On Wimberly, Texas


We are following the aftermath of some devastating storms in Texas and Oklahoma. Heavy rains closed parts of Interstate 45 in Houston. Floodwaters pushed abandoned cars off to the shoulder. One of the places hardest hit by these storms was the town of Wimberley. It's about 45 minutes southwest of Austin along the Blanco River.

STEVE THURBER: The river just had a record rise and destroyed upwards of 350 homes in the community.

GREENE: That is Steve Thurber, the mayor of Wimberley. We spoke to him last night just as he was finishing up a City Council meeting that went late into the evening. He said the town is still searching for people who are missing.

THURBER: We have 11 folks that are missing, and by missing we mean they were sighted at some point in the river, and those are the bad news numbers.

GREENE: There was some good news from Mayor Thurber. He said many others who had been missing were accounted for yesterday. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.