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Basketball Roundup: Lakers Low Point And LeBron's Short Sleeves

The Los Angles Lakers have won 16 NBA championships, but this season they probably won’t even make the playoffs. Last night they hit a real low point, losing to their neighborhood rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers, 142 to 94.

The 48-point loss was the worst in Lakers history. The Lakers weren’t the only ones who had a bad night. LeBron James of the Miami Heat made only six shots in a loss to the San Antonio Spurs, just a few days after he had poured in 61 points.

So what was the problem? Was he hurt? Was he tired? No, he said, it might be the new short-sleeved jerseys NBA teams are wearing during some of their games this year.

“I’m not making any excuses, but I’m not a big fan of the jerseys,” James said. “So I have to figure something out next time I have to wear the short-sleeve jerseys.”

James said the jerseys are just a little too tight, tighter of course than the normal sleeveless jersey, and that affects his shooting.

One other note from basketball last night, there was a scary incident in the game between UC Santa Barbara and Hawaii. A fan came out of the stands and confronted Hawaii coach Gib Arnold during the game.

The fan was arrested, but this was the third time in a month that a fan has come into contact with a player or coach on the floor.

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