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Good Work On Those 'Feeli The Finnish Reindeer' Lyrics

His antlers are so bright.
Reindeer Herders' Association (of Finland)
His antlers are so bright.

We asked and Two-Way readers came through.

The challenge:

Set the story of "Feeli the Finnish Reindeer" and his shiny antlers to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

The responses in our comments thread:

Feeli the Finnish reindeer
Had antlers that didn't glow.
And drivers didn't see them
As right over them they'd mow.

The Herders Association
Built a twelve hundred mile long fence
Trying to save the reindeer,
But it was at great expense.

Then one oddball Finland morn'
Helsingen Sanomat came to say,
"Antlers with fluorescent paint
Keep deer from becoming saints."

Then all the drivers loved them,
And they keep their cars in third.
Not hitting all the reindeer
Keeps the integrity of the herd.

(From 'Brother Seamus')

Feeli the Finnish reindeer,
Had some very shiny horns.
And if you ever see them,
Then you prolly won't get gored.

All of the other mammals
Mocked the deer incessantleee.
Until they got run over,
Becoming part of historeee.

Then one darkened evenin' time
Aliens took them away.
Goofy deer with horns so bright,
Experimented on tonight.

Then all the mammals loved them
As they shouted out with glee,
"Dumb ol' bright horn-ed reindeer,
If it wasn't you, then 'twould be meeeee!"

(Also from 'Brother Seamus')

Feeli the Finnish reindeer
loves the way his antlers glow!
'Cause when the drivers spot him,
they tap their brakes and drive real slow.

All of the other reindeer,
never laugh and call him names.
They all survived the treatment,
plus they like it more than flames!

Now the reindeer herders smile
when they wake each day--
Feeli's antlers shine so bright,
drivers stay away!

So all the glowing antlers
help the reindeer stay alive.
And all the sleepless people
now feel safer when they drive!

(From 'fictitiousengineer')

Keep them coming if you wish.

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