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Mary Gauthier Channels Heartache In 'The Foundling'

Mary Gauthier just released a new record called The Foundling, which chronicles her attempts to reconnect and make peace with the woman who gave her up for adoption. The singer-songwriter says the abandonment fueled her own anger and sadness, which in turn contributed to her struggle with with drugs and even crime.

"Perhaps I've lived this story in order to tell it, because I'm not alone," she says in an interview with Weekend All Things Considered host Guy Raz. "In my journey, I've met people all over the world that can relate."

In "Goodbye," the singer confronts her compulsive need to move on from her past. She sings of moving from town to town and leaving the people she loves behind.

"I was searching for something that I didn't have," Gauthier says. "Looking for something that I thought would be around the corner. That was really important to who I am, or who I was, or who I'm going to be."

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