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Worth Repeating

Roberto Martinez

San Antonio-born Whitley Strieber has the notable distinction of being the only Worth Repeating storyteller ever played by Christopher Walken in a movie.

Roberto Martinez

Heather's struggle with an alien presence stems back to her childhood and a "bad" bag of popcorn. Over the course of years it manifested itself in many ways from the physical to the purely mental. 

Finally it was given a name, and things started to change. 

A great Worth Repeating story, listen here.


Roberto Martinez

Christmas abroad sounded like a great idea. But the 72-hour flight, followed by an eight-hour train to a small (9 million people) town in central China, followed by another train ride to Shanghai, sort of bummed Tiffany Paddock out.

The whirlwind journey took a happy turn, maybe, when Tiffany deduced her long-term and long-distance boyfriend was going to propose.  What would she say? And when would she be allowed to sleep?

This story was recorded for Worth Repeating September 4, 2018 at Brick. The theme was "Alien."

Roberto Martinez

Of course, San Antonio is the friendliest city in the country. 

While residents puff their chests about how easy and accommodating the city is, it was anything but for 18-year old UTSA student Jessica Elizarraras. Now the food writer for the San Antonio Current, Jessica says she struggled to fit in back then. Despite being from Brownsville, she found herself confronting a culture that was familiar but foreign.

Fiesta? Cascarones? Puro? All things she had to learn about, and sometimes accept as out of reach.

Roberto Martinez

A cardboard box of possessions and a heart filled with yearning to see her young son and family, were all that Siliva Alcaraz took with her when she crossed the border from Piedras Negras. She was on her way to rejoin her family and get her green card, but she couldn't have expected that she was really starting a whole new life in San Antonio.

And in classic San Antonio style, her introduction to the city was through the international ambassador program known as The San Antonio Spurs.  Listen to this sweet story of perseverance and try not to cry.