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Last May, the city inked a deal with San Antonio-based startup Cityflag to create a new 311 app that would engage more residents through social media sharing, gamification, and ease of use.

The contract was for a $22,000 build out, with $6,000 a year in maintenance. It was originally scheduled to launch last summer.

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Updated 5/30 at 8:30 a.m.

In 1992, North Dakota wanted Delaware-based Quill Corp to pay taxes on catalog sales to its residents. The Supreme Court said it didn’t have to since it didn’t have a physical presence in the state.

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Port San Antonio opened the doors to its newest building Wednesday night, marking a new chapter for the 100 year-old campus on the city’s southwest side.

The $20 million facility was conceived as the first of six buildings focused on the cyber security and technology industries. Breaking free of the image of the port as just a runway with big airplanes, staff said they wanted this development to have new architecture and new, more welcoming spaces they hope will lead to new collaborative endeavors between energy, advanced manufacturing, aerospace and cybersecurity.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency spent $361 million on bottled water in Puerto Rico by the end of January, after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island in September.

Rackspace announced in a blog post today that it would purchase RelationEdge for an undisclosed amount.

RelationEdge is a digital agency that uses the popular Salesforce platform to help businesses add and retain customers.

According to its website, the company has been around for five years and it lists staff in 14 locations, including Dallas, Houston and Austin.