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State of Execution

Ken Piorkowski/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

When you hear about the death penalty in Texas, the discussion often focuses on criminal proceedings or policy. Often overlooked -- how the death penalty affects victim’s families -- the people left struggling to find healing in the wake of violent crimes. All this week, we’re exploring the death penalty in our state -- it’s history, how it’s changed, and its future. The series is a collaboration between public radio stations across Texas. Today, we hear more on the varied reactions people have when their loved one's killer is put to death.

State Rep. Dutton Renews Uphill Fight To Abolish The Death Penalty

Jan 23, 2017
Andrew Schneider / Houston Public Media

Until last year Texas had for decades executed more inmates annually than any other state.  Last year, Georgia executed more and the number of inmates being put to death here was the lowest in 20 years.  This week public radio reporters in Texas are looking at the history of the death penalty and whether public opinion is changing in our state.  Here's a look at the death penalty through the lens of a lawmaker who has filed bills to end capital punishment every legislative session since 2003.