From Texas Standard:

In a series of blockbuster tweets this morning, President Donald trump wrote that transgender individuals won’t be allowed to serve in the U.S. military.

Has Gay Pride Become Too Straight?

Jun 29, 2017

Who owns gay pride? The parade routes are crowded now. Who owns gay identity?

For the longest time, gay and lesbian, LGBTQ Americans, lived their full identities at the margins, in the shadows. In the closet. Now, we’ve got gay pride parades all over the country. Big ones. With corporate sponsors and tons of straight people coming out to say hooray. Gay bars too. Popular now for straight bachelorette parties. Some in the LGBTQ community now wonder what’s happening to their singularity. Their identity. This hour On Point: Who owns gay pride? — Tom Ashbrook

A 23-year-old, Russian-born violinist named Artem Kolesov is capturing international attention after posting a YouTube video in which he comes out as gay.

The Texas state wrestling championships aren't usually national news. But they made headlines this weekend when a 17-year-old transgender boy — barred by state rules from competing in the boys' league — won his weight class, against girls.

Mack Beggs, the teenage boy in question, hasn't sought the spotlight. By all accounts he just wants to wrestle.

From Texas Standard:

Jess Herbst became mayor of New Hope – a small north Texas town in Collin County – last May when the previous mayor died of a heart attack. As the longest serving alderman on the town council, she was next in line. Herbst just came out publicly as a transgender woman, the first sitting mayor to do so. She publicly announced her transition with an open letter to her constituents on the conservative town's website.