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As the year draws to a close, the Texas Public Radio digital team is taking a look back at the most read — and listened to — stories of 2017. And overwhelmingly, through its clicks, our audience was interested in two subjects: Google Fiber and medical marijuana.


Nearly 5 months ago, the city asked Google Fiber to stop building a network of telecommunications hubs in San Antonio after complaints surrounding the first one in Haskin Park.  Mayor Ivy Taylor raised concerns about the Google's use of parks and the hut proximity to homes. Subsequently, city staff recommended the relocation of eight huts, nearly half of the planned network. 

Robert Scoble

Mayor Ivy Taylor said when she asked the city to revisit the Google Fiber huts and their impact on neighborhoods back in January, she didn't want to scare the company off.

Robert Scoble

Nearly a month ago, San Antonio halted Google Fiber's construction over complaints about the size, location and appearance of its infrastructure huts.

City of San Antonio TCI

San Antonio City Council members got a few more details Wednesday about delays in building a Google Fiber network.

The city paused construction after residents complained about the size of the 12-by-30 feet Google huts, which house infrastructure for the project.