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David Amram

David Amram

When HemisFair '68 opened its gates on April 6, 1968, scores of dignitaries, world leaders, and A-list entertainers passed through San Antonio over the next six months. Not all were invited as performers. Percussionist George Coleman came, not as a participant in the fair, but as a street performer, a busker.

Paul de Hauck / The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.

I still remember the day Leonard Bernstein died, just as I remember the feeling of loss the day Miles Davis passed, or the Sunday morning in Mexico City when I heard the news that Herbert von Karajan had died. These musicians were important, not just to me, but to the world, and it's why so many still preface their remarks about Bernstein with: “I can't believe it's been this long.” As I write this, it has been almost a quarter century.

Collection of the McNay Art Museum, Gift of Robert L. B. Tobin, TL1984.1.659.

Robert Tobin, the namesake of The Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts, was a collector from an early age. He had acquired a love of the theatre, and in particular the musical theatre, from his mother, Margaret Batts Tobin, well-known and respected in arts circles for her service to the McNay Art Museum. She also sat on the advisory board of the Metropolitan Opera. Beverly Sills said of Robert Tobin: ''He and his mother were two of the most generous patrons of the arts I have ever known."

James Baker

As I walked out of San Antonio's McNay Museum of Art this morning, after a wonderful interview with Linda Hardberger, I felt as though I were swimming upstream against an unstoppable current of children. They were there to tour the McNay's current exhibition of pieces from the Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts. I had only moments earlier been speaking to Mrs.

David Amram

I always look forward to emails arriving from my old friend, fellow horn player David Amram. I recently sent him a video interview I did with him a few years ago. That prompted his always gracious thank you and then this account of the San Remo Cafe and Bar in Greewich Village:

 July 29, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation had an honoring ceremony celebrating the San Remo Cafe and Bar.