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CPS Energy

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San Antonio's CPS Energy held a ceremonial groundbreaking Monday for a solar power plant and storage facility it's building with Southwest Research Institute.

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Cities around the country have been working to diversify their "energy mix" – the combination of natural resources and technologies used to fuel power grids.

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About 103 pounds of soiled diapers are found in San Antonio’s recycling centers every hour. And every year, the city has to pay the recycling processor about $1.2 million in fees. But if the city gets below five pounds of diapers per hour, the processor will no longer charge that million dollar tab.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

CPS Energy sent two of its workers to Puerto Rico to assist in overseeing operations as power is restored to the U.S. territory. Much of the island has been without electricity since Hurricane Maria hit in September.


When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast the South Texas Project nuclear power plant was put through its toughest weather test since going online in 1988. After the storm, questions are being asked about the decisions made and public safety.

When Hurricane Harvey entered the Gulf of Mexico on August 23rd it quickly grew into a category 4 storm and the South Texas Project engaged its Severe Weather plan.