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Yes, Google Fiber Will Continue In San Antonio, Says Google And City

Nov 3, 2016

A little over a week after their CEO stepped down, they announced layoffs and the suspension of expanding in other cities Google Fiber once again reaffirmed its commitment to offering their high-speed internet to San Antonio at the City Council's B-session Wednesday.

Tyler Wallis, Google Fiber manager for  San Antonio, echoing earlier statements to the press, says San Antonio will still receive the high-speed service and the reported 9 percent layoffs from the company won't impact the roll out here.

"We'd already begun construction here in San Antonio. Things are moving forward here in San Antonio, so we don't expect an impact here," says Wallis.

There was scant new information offered from the company, who have declined numerous interview requests over the past week.

The City says Google has completed 96 miles or 80 percent of the yellow ring and plans to do a larger ring as well, totaling 400 miles of deployment.
Credit City of San Antonio

In an update to City Council, the Director of Transportation and Capital Improvements for the City of San Antonio Mike Frisbie said he was confident that the project - which has completed 96 miles or 80 percent of its first fiber backbone - would stick around.

"They've invested significantly in San Antonio infrastructure already. They've committed publicly. So, we're confident they'll be here for the long haul," says Frisbie.

According to city officials, Google Fiber traditionally started offering service between 18 months and two years after construction began in other cities. Construction in San Antonio began in April, but we are the largest city they have taken on with an estimated 4000 miles of total network build out.

Credit City of San Antonio