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Tobin Center One Year Away From Opening

Sep 10, 2013

The $203 million re-imagining of downtown's old Municipal Auditorium into the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts has transformed the building's looks drastically.

"We're going to open a year from now," said Foundation Chair Bruce Bugg. "We're going to be debt free the day we open."

President of the Tobin Center Michael Fresher said the venue's improved acoustics are only one of its attributes.

"We can push a button and have a flat floor and make a banquet, and that evening push another button and have an orchestra onstage and have a regular performance," Fresher said.

Still unresolved in the public/private partnership project is what to do about parking.

Bugg said they are working on a deal to to fund construction of a $10 million parking garage -- Bexar County would put up $5 million and the City of San Antonio would put up the other $5 million.

Bugg said he thinks they can have it built by the time the Tobin Center opens in 2014.