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The Source: Will New Mayor Mean New Priorities?

Jul 22, 2014

Updated 12:10 PM: 

District 6 Councilman Ray Lopez withdrew his name from being considered for mayor, paving the way for the city's first African American mayor, District 2 Councilwoman Ivy Taylor.

After multiple rounds of voting by council members had whittled the field to Lopez and Taylor, a 5-3 vote brought Taylor within one. At this point Lopez withdrew his name, saying it was time to unify around a candidate and move forward.

The new mayor of San Antonio is being announced today, as the city council votes to appoint an interim. Among the choices are District 8's Ron Nirenberg and District 5's Shirley Gonzales, who have both been on the council less than a year. Also hoping to land the top job are veteran council members Ray Lopez of District 6 and District 2's Ivy Taylor.

What will the new pick bring to the chair? 


  • Ryan Loyd, city reporter for Texas Public Radio
  • Gibert Garcia, columnist at the San Antonio Express-News

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