The Source: Battling Drought With The Edwards Aquifer Authority

Jan 8, 2015

Remember the drought?

Just because it isn't hot outside doesn't mean it has gone away.

San Antonio remains in level 3 drought restrictions --Uvalde is level five--from the Edwards Aquifer Authority. 

In 2013, the Edwards aquifer recharge, the amount of water that reentered the aquifer, was estimated to be 189,600 AF which is less than half the median annual rate for the 70+ year rate before it, which was 556,950 AF. 

The Edwards Aquifer Authority has new data out showing just bad it has gotten, and how much water they have been able to conserve. They estimate they were able to safe 2.4 million acre feet due to the EAA Act, which was passed in 1993 by the Texas Legislature. 

What challenges will the new year bring to the local water supply? What lies ahead with the new state legislature?


  • Roland Ruiz, general manager for the Edward Aquifer Authority
  • Mark Hamilton, executive director for Aquifer Sciences Inc.