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Is San Antonio A 'Music-Friendly’ City?

Jan 16, 2018

San Antonio's music industry contributes an estimated $930 million to the local economy, according to a recent study mandated by the City of San Antonio. 

Despite the cultural importance of music in the city, are creative opportunities in San Antonio being undervalued? 

Private or nonprofit organizations are largely responsible for providing music education in San Antonio and the workforce fueling San Antonio's creative core functions on a part-time basis.

About 80 percent of professionals working in the music industry locally earn a majority of their income from other vocations, according to the study.

Geographically, two-thirds of music venues are located in Districts 1 or 2 in the downtown area, and many establishments are not open to all age groups. 

Recommendations from the study include creating more accessible spaces for music recording, rehearsal and performance, as well as support for multimedia initiatives like an industry database to encourage local partnerships. 

Can an official "music-friendly" certification from the state and the establishment of a city-supported San Antonio Music Office make a difference for the local music industry? 

What can the data tell us about the city's soundscape and music as a cultural value to residents and tourists alike? 

Read the full San Antonio Music Industry study here


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