San Antonio Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community Pride, Emphasizes Inclusivity

Jun 11, 2018

Every June, America's LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride Month, marking the anniversary of the Stonewall riots which sparked a gay rights movement nationwide. 

In 1970, the first gay pride parade in New York City became a model for celebrations across the country, promoting the expression, tolerance and understanding of gay culture.

The movement for equality has seen progress since, but has not moved forward without challenges. 

The Human Rights Campaign ranks Texas among the worst states for LGBTQ social issues and legal protection.

With the state's so-called "bathroom bill" and the U.S. Supreme Court's pro-business ruling in a case involving a same-sex couple and a Colorado baker, issues of discrimination related to access, privacy, and First Amendment rights remain to be a common point of contention across the country. 

What does it mean to be an "ally" and how can Texas be more inclusive?

How do people who identify as a sexual minority – lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex – or who are questioning their sexuality discover and express individuality?

What is the LGBTQ+ experience in San Antonio and how does the city celebrate Pride? 


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