'Other Side Of The Alamo' & A Quiet Night Out: Your Weekend's Here!

Feb 23, 2018

From an art exhibition to an artful drama to comedy done without a word, your weekend is here.

First off, Friday at the Guadalupe Cultural Center is the exhibit, "The Other Side of the Alamo."

"It's a group exhibition of over 40 artworks by 26 select San Antonio based artists, and they are countering the mainstream myths of the Alamo's iconic status," said Christina Balli, the center's executive director.


What: The Other Side of the Alamo

Where: Guadalupe Cultural Arts Gallery

When: 6 p.m. Friday, then through July

Cost:  free

These works of art express views counter to those found in the old John Wayne films, she said.

“Well known narratives and historical accounts and folk legends only tell a partial story and give a partial picture of what the Alamo represents to millions of Mexican Americans," Balli said.

Looking through artists' eyes allow new ways of seeing the same old history, she said.

Local artists, including Jesse Treviño, Cesar Martinez and Cathy Vargas, will be featured in the exhibit.

The exhibit is up through July.

Also Friday, and for the next three weekends at Public Theater's Cellar Theater, is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Wit.”

“Frankly, and to the point, it's just a great play,” said the play’s director Tim Hedgepeth.

While the play's central theme is the protaganist's battle with cancer, Hedgepeth said the production is anything but depressing.

"I walk away from rehearsals every night actually rather inspired. Not depressed, not feeling down about the subject matter,” Hedgepeth said. “But rather optimistic and inspirational, and I hope our audiences feel the same way."


What: Wit

Where: Public Theater, The Cellar Theater

When: Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday afternoon through 3/11

Cost:  $20-$35

Diana Trotter from Public Theater's "Wit."
Credit Jeremy Whittington

Then, on Saturday night, at the Majestic Theater, Arts San Antonio's Jason Irle says you can experience something the theater doesn’t normally offer: a quiet evening out.

“It's a masked theater troupe that has no sound,” he said. "And they tell stories and there's wit; there's humor."


What: Mummenschantz

Where: Majestic Theater

When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday

Cost:  $21-$99

The troupe is Mummenschantz, the Musicians Of Silence from Switzerland. And it tells stories without words.

“There's a lot of audience interaction so whatever the characters onstage are doing, they'll get the audience involved in that,” he said.

Credit CAMI Music

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