Life Of An Artist; Celebration Of Love; & Melding Of Art, Music: Your Weekend's Here! | Texas Public Radio

Life Of An Artist; Celebration Of Love; & Melding Of Art, Music: Your Weekend's Here!

Feb 16, 2018

From a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an artist, to a celebration of love, to the melding of music and art, here’s a preview of this weekend’s events.


First, Bihl Haus Arts’ Kellen McIntyre said you should head to Fredericksburg Road for a walking — or driving — art tour.

McIntyre said the fun of going to each artist’s studio is that you get to pull back the curtain.

“You get to talk intimately with each individual artist,” McIntyre said. “And you get to walk into their home space, their studio space. Every single one is different; it's just wonderful."

The tour begins at Bihl Haus Arts and you choose where to go and how many studios to see.


What: On And Off Fred Artist Tour

Where: Bihl House Arts

When: 11 a.m. Saturday, noon Sunday

Cost:  $10

Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez at Corazones on Fire
Credit Bihl Haus Arts

Then, on Saturday night, Azul Barrientos sings of love in a concert she’s named “Amorcito Corazon.”

"I chose the theme of that because there's a really famous song ‘Amorcito Corazon’ that was the center of old romance in the Golden era of Mexican movies," she said.

And the kinds of love, she said, isn't limited to romantic love.

"We have spiritual love. We have family love. We have friendship love. And we have love for our pets," she said.

Barrientos and musical partners George Prado and Aaron Prado will perform at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.

"Ultimately at the center of this love celebration is the concept of universal love and kindness," she said.


What: Amorcito Corazon concert

Where: Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Cost:  $7

George Prado, from left; Azul Barrientos; and Aaron Prado.
Credit Josh Hushkin

Then, on Sunday, Joan Christenson said classical group Musical Offerings will combine the visual and musical arts in “Music on the Move: Art and Music From the 18th Century Courts."

Also on Sunday, the sounds from violins, a cello, a harp and two singers will fill the San Antonio Museum of Art.

“It's music that could've been heard here or would've been going on in the world between 1718 and 1818," Christenson said.

And it will be sung in the midst of artwork from that same era in SAMA’s great hall.


What: Musical Offerings concert

Where: San Antonio Museum of Art

When: 5:30 p.m. Sunday

Cost:  $20 non-members, $10 members

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