FRONTERAS: Trump 2017 Border Policies; Bringing Culture To 'No Man's Land'; Latina Super Heroes | Texas Public Radio

FRONTERAS: Trump 2017 Border Policies; Bringing Culture To 'No Man's Land'; Latina Super Heroes

Dec 29, 2017

This week on Fronteras:

  • A look back on the effects of the Trump administration’s U.S.-Mexico border policies in 2017.
  • How a San Antonio artist is transforming a busy neighborhood intersection with a sculpture that has meaning for its residents (8:41).
  • An American Indian author and illustrator takes children on an adventure in his new book (14:24).
  • Latina superheroes serve as role models to inspire young girls (18.27).

The Effects Of President Trump’s Border Policies

One of the major stories of 2017 is how the Trump administration began moving forward on its hardline immigration policies. The policies President Trump implemented in 2017 have affected U.S.-Mexico relations and immigrants. Maureen Cavanaugh of KPBS sat down with her colleague Fronteras reporter Jean Guerrero to discuss stories from the border she covered this year and a look ahead to 2018.


Dream Song Tower
Credit Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio Sculpture Honors Myth, Folklore, Families

A San Antonio artist is transforming an Alamo City intersection considered “a no man’s land” into a work of art. A massive new sculpture is nearing completion on the city’s southwest side — one of few large works of public art in the area. Texas Public Radio's Jack Morgan spoke with its creator, Cruz Ortiz, who says the sculpture pays homage to myth, folklore and families.


One of the acrylic paintings Nakamura created for his new book

Book Takes Kids On Journey Of Discovery

Dreaming is the subject of a new book that tells a story taking place "on a night of a million stars and a million dreams." American Indian author and illustrator Joel Nakamura takes a sleeping young boy on a journey of shifting identities, landscapes and experiences. The book, “I Dreamed I Was A Dog” is Nakamura's follow-up to “Go West,” his award-winning children's book from 2015. KUNM’s Spencer Beckwith spoke with the author about his colorful book that helps children discover new things in each picture.


Cover of first Super Chikis comic book adventure
Credit Super Chikis

‘Super Chikis’ Aim To Help Girls Discover Their Superhero Powers  

A new group of superheroes is coming to town. Just don’t expect them to grace your kids’ lunchboxes or find them inside a kids’ meal. But you can expect them to instill confidence in young Latina girls and help them discover their own super powers.


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