Finding San Antonio: Which Stories Matter As We Celebrate The City's Tricentennial?

Jul 10, 2018

There are countless stories to tell of the people who lived in, worked in and shaped the community throughout the 300 years since San Antonio's establishment. 

A new book, "300 Years of San Antonio and Bexar County," covers many of the city's watershed moments, including the engineering of The Riverwalk and the 1968 World's Fair, better known as HemisFair '68.

The compilation details contributions of different ancestries, from the area's indigenous roots and the Canary Islanders' founding of the "Bexar" municipality, to settlers of European heritage and Tejanos. 

A collaborative effort between writers, historians, local organizations and the official Tricentennial Commission, the project sought to showcase "the soul of San Antonio" and chronicle its journey toward becoming a "global city." 

How did this project come together? How were contributors selected?

What stories matter most when commemorating San Antonio's Tricentennial milestone? Which other voices should be remembered as part of the city's documented history?


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