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Actors From The London Stage Provide A Taste Of Classic Theatre

Sep 24, 2013

The UTSA Arts Building Recital Hall isn’t London’s Globe Theater, but for the next few nights on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, it will definitely sound like it.

The Actors From the London Stage program brings UK actors from Shakespeare a the University of Notre Dame to tour American universities and impart to students their real-world experience. The group is at UTSA this week as part of the fall season where they will be performing "Othello."

Jude Akuwudike, who plays the lead role, clown and gentleman, said he is enjoying his time here.

"Here I am in the Texan sun and enjoying it," says Akuwudike. "It reminds me of the African sun."

Akuwudike and his fellow actors portray several roles apiece, and do so in minimal sets.

"When you’ve got an elaborate set it takes away from the story somehow," he says. "Where everything is done for you, it sort of takes away the other part that completes the theatrical experience, the audience and their imagination. It’s there, it’s all laid out for you, you have to do no work."

He’s looking forward to seeing how South Texas audiences respond to the show.

Watch this video to learn more about the program: