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Sometimes it takes an outsider to see the established form in a new way.

Case in point, composer Nathan Felix, who began his musical career playing in bands that eventually got bigger and bigger until the sounds he heard could no longer be performed by a standard rock ensemble.

Now, he’s premiering a new type of opera, where the audience interacts live with the performers, and listens to the whole thing on headphones while wandering what amounts to an open set.

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San Antonio’s newest art installation is under Interstate 35. Hundreds of cars roar by each hour overhead. Their wheels create a steady throb filling the space below the interstate at Quincy and St Mary’s streets.

But the noise and wind don’t faze Kelly Edwards as he shadows crests of blood on his 20-foot mural with a spray can.

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Some Hispanics of Mexican descent have never heard of Día de los Muertos — or they simply never cared about it when they were children.

But as adults, some have developed a new appreciation for this ancient holiday. And the perfect place to make those connections is a Día de los Muertos festival in downtown San Antonio.

Ramin Samandari / Magical Realism Studios

Catherine and George Cisneros' Urban 15 is known for taking culture and giving it a soundtrack that makes you want to move.

“We perform with music and with dance, and we bring in the community who dance with us," Catherine Cisneros said.

But despite the festive drumming and dancing, what they're doing for Dia de los Muertos isn’t just entertainment.


WHAT: Urban 15 Dia de los Muertos procession

Funeral services are being held Tuesday for Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz and brothers Cecil and David Rosenthal, all victims of Saturday’s shooting rampage at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Among the prayers recited will be Kaddish, the traditional Jewish prayer of mourning. It is chanted graveside, on memorial occasions and daily, following the loss of a loved one.