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Sam Emerson
Rich Miller / Contributed photo

Wynton Marsalis is a jazz trumpeter and the music director of jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. His performances have won him devoted fans around the world. After one of those performances, he met a boy and his mother, and they began an emotional journey no one expected — a journey that reunited them, years later, here in San Antonio.

With Jane Clayson

We talk with the director of a new documentary about the life of Maria Callas, to this day one of the most electrifying singers in opera.

Brittain Pittman / Contributed Photo

Pianist, band-leader and Jazz TX nightclub owner Doc Watkins is throwing a great big musical party this weekend.


Welcome to Major Themes, a monthly feature in which classical music experts recommend a must-hear recording based on what's happening at classical stations and programs around the country. This month, we checked in with friends in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Vermont. Here are their top picks for the holiday season.