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Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio

A pair of Spanish artists have been working on a big project the last two weeks in the sculpture department at the Southwest School of Art.


Pianist Chris Villanueva’s quartet is joined by vocalist Jacqueline Sotelo for this week’s set on “Live At Jazz, TX.” Sotelo says of the hundreds of standards in the jazz repertoire, she chooses her favorites based on “how a song makes you feel and how it speaks to your soul.”

Sotelo continues, “After working through it, after listening to it over and over, [a song] eventually becomes your own.”

Nathan Cone / Texas Public Radio

With the belief that music stems from an “intimacy with one’s self,” the Parallelephants say they’re using music to pioneer a new “sexual renaissance.”

Members Thomie Lazcano, Aldo Lazcano, and Dany Escobar create a soulful atmosphere through their deeply layered tracks. Originally, the group formed when Thomie and Aldo were teenagers and attempted to be pop-punk musicians.

Nathan Cone / TPR

“I actually remember the first time I came to San Antonio,” pianist Martina Filjak told me following her April recital at Laurel Heights United Methodist Church. “I really enjoyed the city. I think I really fell in love with San Antonio on first sight and it seems, really, that the love was mutual.”

Following through on promises to finally diversify the rank and file of the Academy of Motion Pictures, the Oscar-granting body has invited a record number of 928 new members, making the 2018 class the largest in history.